The Resurrection of the clothes Peg

The artwork proposed responds to the theme stated and is cogniscent of the context of Burning Man, both in its unique culture and physical environment, and its ability to engage with the audience.

The wooden clothes peg features prominently in my own work and has come to signify the female; in its singular and in its collective. It is an ordinary domestic object, rudimentary in nature. In its amplified form it speaks of the pedestrian functions of our lives and in particular the lives of women.


The scale and anomaly of the sculpture as an enlarged ordinary object is intended to invite the viewer to inspect the work closer.


The huge pipes at the bottom of the sculpture are large enough to sit inside, lie in or crawl through.


The sculpture is 15m tall, and about a third of the way up the peg is a viewing deck that faces sunrise.


The smaller pipes on the peg are made to catch the wind to create a sound.


This will only happen when the wind blows from a certain direction, thus creating a chance element.


The function of the peg is to hold together, to support. Though it is not a full peg, It is half a peg, thus denying this function.