The fabrication journey started in 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the artwork was designed with input from architect Asher Marcus from Hubo Design and engineers from MRH Consulting Engineers. The process of procuring materials began with Open Air Engineers with the intention of fabrication. Before we could get started, the world stopped because of the pandemic and as a result, our progress was also halted. When things began to open up again, the significantly increased price and lack of availability of steel made our task almost impossible.

The solution came from Dorman Long Engineering Limited. The challenge however was that Dorman Long are situated in Lagos Nigeria. We made a bold decision to move the entire fabrication process including the partial materials procured from Johannesburg to Lagos. A feat in itself, but a small one compared to the completion of the work. A major change to the original design includes galvanizing the entire sculpture, which thankfully, Dorman Long has the facilities to do so. These were done in segments based on the bath size. Regular online meeting between Lagos based engineers and fabricators with the artist ensued with a visit in April by the artist. Time has been a major factor in this project as we had to factor the shipping of the materials from Johannesburg to Lagos and further the shipping of the completed artwork from Lagos to the USA. Dorman Long used a facility at the Naval Base to produce the large artwork where two shifts of technicians worked day and night to meet the tight deadline; twelve people during the day and eight and night. After final adaptations and test assemblies the entire 13 ton artwork together with a large grid base got packed into a single 40 foot shipping container and made its journey to Reno, where it will wait in storage for its reveal in Black rock City.