The Resurrection of the Clothes Peg NFT

While the main work will be on display on the open playa at this years Burning Man 2022, we wanted to create something for members of the virtual community who wanted to be involved, with something they could keep forever. As a result, a limited series of Eight NFT'S were born.

Five of the NFT’S were sold on a private auction, and the last three will be available on Nifty Gateway for auction on the 27th May 2022 at 18:00 GMT.

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The NFT Collection

Seejarim has created a limited series of eight digital animations that mimic the physical sculpture she designed and built to be displayed at this Years Burning Man 2022. The NFT series has been created to explore light, form, sound and perspective. Set against a backdrop of an empty desert, referred to as ‘the playa’ by Burners, the minimalist landscape allows the artist to enter us into a true animated 3D space adding a sense of scale, depth and perspective to each sculpture.

The NFT series is a collection of different interpretations, it’s intended to guide users through a digital experience thats similar to that of the main sculpture. In each scene you'll find a different take on the work, and each animation has been complimented by specifically mixed soundtracks, produced by some of the most recognised DJ's in the music industry globally, including current stars Amémé & Ali Love.

This is your chance to own a piece of history, the NFT together with the digital print will be awarded to successful bidders at the auction. The auction goes live at 18:00 GMT on niftygateway.

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Shy Strength

NFT Number 1 
Produced by II Faces

Plentiful Blessings

NFT Number 2  
Produced by Amémé

Channeling Conviction

NFT Number 5  
Produced by Ali Love

Soaring Reveal

NFT Number 7  
Produced by Ali Love

Floating Fire

NFT Number 8  
Produced by Ageless

Magic Moon

NFT Number 4  
Produced by Rockin Moroccin